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Freddie Hemborg


April 1986 Östersund, Jämtland Sweden


Lit 20km north of Östersund in Jämtland in the middle of Sweden


Married to Ida, 2 daughters Linnea and Lovisa 1 brother Simon

dad Mikael mother Lillian


Professional Driver and Event Coordinator for Memphis Racing


History of Freddie!

1996-2001 Go Cart

I have competed on most of the courses and series in Sweden, including the Norrlands Cup, Dalacup, Göteborgs Stora Pris, the MKR series and the Swedish Cup. There have been several cup wins in the go-kart, including overall win in the Lapp Cup 1997, a race that attracted drivers from all over Sweden. I was also taken twice to the Swedish national team in karting and the best result was 3rd place in the Yamaha class in the Nordic Championships 2001.

2002 FORMULA FORD 1600

I took my driver license on Friday and already on Saturday it was time for the first race, it was raining and I was very nervous, but I managed well on the qualifying and got to start second. Already after two turns I was up in the lead and that I managed to keep until the checkered flag .

There were many who congratulated me and wondered who I was. There are not many in Sweden who have won their very first competition. And the whole season was a success, I was on the podium six of seven competitions. Win win, two 2nd places and a 3rd place. I became a total winner in Formula Ford 1600, and I hit a 10 year old lap record at Kinnekulle Ring! In 2002, I also received a scholarship in Mikael Nygrens Memorial Fund.


When I started at Motorsportsgymnasiet on Mantorp Park, I got the chance to drive the school’s Formula Ford Zetec. It was tough competition in that class but despite the fact that the car was not really competitive I ended up in a sixth place in the Swedish Championship overall.


After two years in Formula cars, it was time for a car with car body 2004. A big step from a lightweight formula car, about 500 kg and rear-wheel drive, to a front-wheel drive of 1125 kg. I bought an Opel Astra, almost a standard car of about 170 Bhp. The first year I became the best newcomer and a sixth place in total. The season of 2005, I continued with my Opel Astra, which I had renovated to know that the car would be in top condition. And my goal was to win the cup. I took the most race wins this season and had thr total victory in my hand. But after a lot of judgment decision in several competitions, it became a total third place in the class.

2006 JTCC

In 2006, we started a partnerships with Peggen Andersson, who had previously been a successful STCC and DTM driver. Together with him and the car builder Fredrik Carlsson we put together a Peugeot 206 to compete in the JTCC, which is a so-called support class to the STCC (Swedish Touring Car Championship) and runs at the same raceweekends. Our newly built car had many ”childhood diseases”, which meant I had to canceling several races. But until the last race we had fixed many of the problems, so I finished with a great 4th place. I also did two races in the Fyndbörsen Cup, where I became 1st and 2nd, so the season ended well.


The class is running in the SSK series and is very good since all cars are equally good,because the rules do not allow pouring costs, so it’s up to the driver to show that they are the best driver. I caught a car that was quite tired and I had a lot of competitions with many problems. But when the car lasted, I was usually at the top of the podium. I finished in a total fifth place, which must be approved in that series in 2008, the team had decided at an early stage for a year deal in the Volvo Original Cup. The whole car went through a total renovation during the winter as part of a very obvious goal . That speed was there, I already knew. The season started a little shaky with third places in the first racees. After having discovered a broken shock absorber, the tires could now be used optimally. I won the remaining races, I beat the record of the Falkenbergs track and Gelleråsen track and became not only champion of the Volvo Original Cup but also a total SSK champion with the highest score of all drivers in all classes!


I got in touch with the four time Camaro Cup champion Ole Martin Lindum from Norway. He is one of the best drivers in the series and it was really interesting to be part of his team, he has incredible experience. Being in a 450 hp, 600 nm torque and rear-wheel drive was a challenge in itself, Volvo only had 170 horsepower and front-wheel drive. What do you say … it was a great challenge! The investment on the Camaro Cup went much better than expected. I was aiming to be in the top ten and it was a rather high goal. There were four podium places, and although the mechanics really got to work hard with damage to the car at the end of the season , the season was really successful. I become this year’s rookie, winning the Aspen Junior Cup and a total 5th place first year in the Camaro Cup!


Was a season with only one run-in like the driver of a Ginetta G50, in the Swedish GT at Anderstorp, in the Poker Wallenberg and PWR team.


Two weeks before the premiere, it became clear that I had the opportunity to drive Camaro Cup for Memphis Racing Team, a great opportunity for me. And even though I never drove ”Gen. 5 ”by Camaron, it started really well, a ninth and sixth place in the premiere. The rest of the season turned out to be okay, except that I did som bad qalifications at the end of the season, so I ended up in the back of the starting field, with many overtaks as a consequence. The season ended in all cases very well, a sixth and a fourth place in the final at Mantorp Park and the last race I was only one tenth after the fastest driver, Jan Magnussen (former F1 driver).


Run everything on your own. A real nightmare year, worst in my entire racing life where I crach the car several times, the car burned and a lot of brokend parts douring the season.

2013 STCC

Took really a sabbatical year, but made every effort to make a stand in when the STCC was driven again on the airport at Frösön only 30 km from my home.

2014-2018 V8 THUNDER CARS

A partnerships with Memhpis Racing again, first year 2014 became a start-up for 2015 with the last two race at the end of the season. 2015 a nice finish with third place and ended six in total. 2016-2017 was two years with very stable driving and i ended up 5th and 4th in the total with the highligt at the season final race Lemmy 500 where I ended up 1st. 2018 was a year with a big expanding of the team Memphis Racing were we took the step outside of Sweden, and i helpt my teamate Alexander Graff to race in the Whelen Nascar Euro Series at the same time as i wore driving in the V8 Thunder cars series. With to mutch to do and some small issues i only ended up 6th in the championship with only two podiums.

2019 To be continued…